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Corporate speaker, brand ambassador, influencer

I have had over 30 years experience working as a lifestyle and style expert, brand consultant, brand ambassador, spokesperson and influencer
for corporate brand campaigns, product makeovers and press launches.

I have worked on all levels.

  • With the Advertising agency on the strategy of the Brand development and transformation
  • With the PR's on the words to go to press and media 
  • With the Media as the Brand spokesperson for the launch event, radio/TV interviews, broadcast opportunities, vlog,blog & webcasts
  • I can help you put across your Brand message subliminally or clearly
  • I can influence your target audience through my social media platforms
  • I can create innovative ways to style and stage your brand products to appear 'sexier' and more desirable   

Business style in the corporate world

I have over 30 years of experience in understanding how first impressions count 
Liasing with your HR dept I can improve the dress-code, style, image and body-language of client-facing employees.

Your client business can be influenced positively or negatively through the image of your client-facing employees/salesmen, who are the face of your brand.
Positive feedback will increase business and profits for your company.
After external and internal research findings, I can create bespoke workshops or 1-2-1's for implementing 'a dress for business success' programme. 

Please call or email for further information. Free initial consultation.
Fees charged on a project basis 


"Ceril’s one-day image and branding workshop for Tamar was fun and spot-on. The day was motivating and inspiring and achieved exactly the results I was looking for – I would recommend Ceril to any business looking to transform their image". Tanya Goodin, CEO of

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